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This email will hopefully help you get a better idea of what the upcoming BKi Summer Camp weekend will look like, what to bring and what to expect so save it and prepare any questions you might have  - so read up, email us with questions you may still have:


So some questions we have been asked already include:


Can parents come and stay with their children? While we would LOVE to have our parents on site this year, restrictions do prohibit us from allowing them. You are more than welcome to visit during the day for sure!  If there are circumstances that we should discuss, please mention them during your phone call with Anthony and we can work out whatever is best and necessary.  

You can stay nearby and we would suggest that you look into this local Campground: Minutemen Campground located in Maynard Ma or the closet hotel the Residence Inn in Concord Ma // Aloft or Element in Lexington 


There are other area hotels in Concord, Waltham or Marlborough Ma but all will require your own means of transportation.



Laundry: We have a list of suggested items to pack to make laundry as little an issue as possible - we will have lines that you may use to wash and hang items. 


Showers: We will have a multi-shower unit on site - please pack essential toiletries! We will have common 3 in 1 bottles in each shower. 


Tent? Staying Off Site?

Either of these options are fine - please let us know your plan when we call you to work out arrangements! 





Packing list & Travel Info: 


This is updated information


Airport Shuttles!



We will run them until 3PM on Wednesday July 26th so that we may get to the venue by dinner. Please plan to arrive at Logan Airport before 3PM in order to make the shuttle to the field. Dinner will be held at roughly 6:30PM


Return Flights:

Please book them as late as possible or just after 4:00PM. We will be running a tournament on Sunday Morning that we plan on wrapping up by 1:00PM - showers and packing from 1-3pm then heading to the airport.




!! you must check it and remove your regulator (local shop can do for you) 

attached to the email we sent is a TSA paper you can print and put in your checked bag with the tank to explain should your bag be pulled for an inspection. 



This can get confusing - but it’s easy once you know!


Our playing field is on the grounds of the Maynard Rod and Gun Club. 

There is a town line that runs between the two parts of the large property. 


DROP OFF & PICK UP ADDRESS is 45 Old Mill Road in Maynard Ma 

That is the site of sleeping / eating / tom foolery 

TIMES: On Wednesday you may arrive / drop off after 4PM and ideally by 6PM 

To pick up and drag away sad kids on Sunday - you may arrive after 1PM 


IF you would like to visit the field - it is just down a hidden road from the gun club but it’s a path.

You can use our official address which is: 145 Powder Mill Rd in SUDBURY Ma 

That entrance is a dirt road across from a residential road called Tavern Circle 




ROUGH Daily Itinerary: Subject to changes bases on curriculum // heat 




7AM Wake up

8AM Breakfast

9-9:30 Wake up and Warm Up

Start Individual Assessment Drills

12:00 Break for Lunch

1:00 Back to work / Build Heats

5:00 Wrap Day

6:00 Dinner

7:30 - 9:30 evening "entertainment" break down drills / review tape / prep for Friday

11:00 Lights Out!




7:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM Wake Up and Warm Up

9:00 Situational Drills

11:00AM Lunch

11:45 Back to Work

3:00 Woodsball 

5:00 Wrap Day / Showers 

6:00 Dinner 

7:00 PRO Presentation 




7AM Wake up

8AM Breakfast

9-9:30 Wake up and Warm Up

10:00AM Start Team Drills

12:00 Break for Lunch

1:00 Back to work / Tighten Up Game Flow

5:00 Wrap Day

6:00 Dinner

7:30 - 9:30 Awards and evening "entertainment" break down drills / review tape / prep for Sunday

11:00 Lights Out!




7AM Wake up

8AM Breakfast

9-9:30 Wake up and Warm Up

10:00AM Start Tournament

1:00 Wrap Event

1:00 - 3:00 Showers & Pack

3:00 Head to Logan :(


What to pack:


  • Casual clothing for sleeping / dinner / chillin 

  • a light jacket or sweatshirt

  • One jersey (you will be receiving 2 upon check in)

  • 2 sets of pants if you have them

  • Under garments for each day (the stuff you will sweat through)

  • Socks // Flip Flops for shower 

  • A sleeping Bag / bedding of preference (sheets / light blanket etc) IT WILL BE HOT so a sheet is recommended

  • A Pillow and Pillowcase

  • We will supply the bed you will be sleeping on - it will either be an air mattress (high off the ground and San Diego Dynasty Tested and Approved) or a spring / mattress cot style. This depends essentially on how tall a player is :)

  • There are real bathrooms on site (ladies and gentlemen) 

  • Toiletries / deodorant / toothpaste etc (we will have some shower supplies on hand) 

  • We have towels but if you want a clean one as backup please bring one (camping microfiber towels are great and highly recommended!) 

  • Pack sunscreen / lotion

  • Bug Spray

  • Medications / Epipens etc

  • electrolyte powder or liquid of your choice // we want to make sure you have something you like 



  • We will have plenty of power available to charge phones / computers;

  • All of our fields have turf which means mud is only a small issue (if at all) in the common areas. While we won't play in downpours or lightening - we will play in the rain so bring visors and lids.


If you are traveling with a Camper and are looking for area hotels - there are some options listed on the site here:


I hope that helps answer any of the main questions you have - but again - feel free to email me back or give either myself or Anthony a call. 


You can check out Fabs 2022 Summer Camp video to get a complete rundown if this is your first time :) Thanks to Fab for this! 

Want to play pro? Learn at BKi Pro Paintball Summer Camp - My Experience!


I know I speak for our entire staff when I say we are so excited to get to Camp and see / meet you guys! 


Safe Travels - we will see you all real soon! 

Local Hotels / Camping Guide

Best Western at Historic Concord

740 Elm Street
Concord, Massachusetts 01742
United States



3:00 P.M. EST

Toll Free Reservations (US & Canada Only)

1(800) 780-7234

Worldwide Numbers


11:00 A.M. EST

Hotel Direct Number

(978) 369-6100



Holiday Inn Express Boston - Waltham, Waltham


385 Winter St, Waltham, MA, 02451, United States of America


Family-friendly hotel in historical district in Waltham

Minuteman Campground

264 Ayer Road, Route 2A

Phone: (978) 772-0042


Web: Boston Minuteman Campground

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