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The Charlotte-Virginia BKI Pro Summer Camp Scholarship was born out of a father and sons love of our Sport.

Named in honor of his two grandmothers, who always wanted to the best for their families and who did everything they could to support them with everything they had, which typically boiled down to fantastic cooking and just being there when needed.  Bucky was inspired to give back after attending the first annual camp last July with his son Ollie Ruffalo.  Both were genuinely changed during the camp, not only through skills attained and refined, but at the sense of community, support, and friendship they experienced. 

"The camp just felt like home, and I wanted to do something to help someone that might otherwise not be able to attend."  Ultimately, Bucky didn't want finances to be the deciding factor for a future camper so he has created this scholarship allowing a deserving player the chance to experience that same sense of community and family that inspired him to give. 

Deadline to apply is Monday June 7th. In order to accept scholarship you must provide proof of travel arrangements within 2 weeks of notification.

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